Vidya daana is considered as one of the highest forms of generosity or charity in Indian tradition. The Karnataka government is struggling to put up a coherent response to the needs of less privileged students waiting to receive online education. There are all kinds of excuses and reasons being given to take the first step in a government sponsored online education channel.

Lack of content is one of the main stumbling blocks in this project. This can be resolved immediately through two solutions. The first solution is to repurpose available material on the internet. But the other solution is more potent. Private institutions, who have had head start with online education as part of their teaching method, can provide materials to the government.

The private institutions should seize this opportunity to lobby for greater online teaching in our education system. The government will be obliged to them for rescuing it and keeping its promise to the students. The online education resources can be given free or for a token payment.

Here are some of the ways to make online education a success and interesting.

Class periods should be recorded and not streamed as streaming needs dedicated internet connection. Recorded videos allow students to watch in their own time.

Lesson videos should not be longer than 15 minutes because this being a new medium of teaching, there are questions about the attention span of students. Short videos make immense sense.

It is advisable to do a test run with your slides of pictures to suit all types of screens so that text is readable, colours are okay and templates work on popular operating systems.

Include a range of interactive learning activities such as quizzes.

Make students write a summary of lecture videos so that you get to know their level of engagement.

Now, over to the private institutions and individuals to show generosity. Giving back to the society is now.