Dr. Hema Divakar,

CEO & Chairperson, ARTIST, India Technical advisor to the ministry of health and family welfare IDF (International Diabetes Federation) spokeswoman for South-East Asia Co-Chair of NCD Committee FIGO
During the tenure of my post, as the President of the largest professional organization of specialist obstetricians and gynecologists FOGSI , I had determined to position and brand the organization as a “leader” for the way forward for issues related to women health in India. It was the first time ever that a planned and strategic advocacy was to happen at FOGSI and I had decided to tread very cautiously in this rather untraveled and uncharted path. Little did I realize that my official theme “Innovation to Implementation” will be reflected in the matters related to strategy , advocacy, branding and media management ! Getting down to the deepest of aspects, covering a 360degree perspective and gauging the extent of ramifications of any decision is an uncanny strength – unique to Mr. MJ Srikant. His brilliant ability to understand People at all levels makes him a Master at Liaison and High-Level networking across the country and beyond.

Venkatesh Prasad,

Founder CEO, RV-VLSI Design center
“MJ is an absolute Task Master, calls a spade a spade and has a no frills, no flab work style wherein the only two aspects that matter to him are actions and outcomes, nothing else. His ability to get straight to the heart of the problem differentiates him with the rest in this business. In my association with MJ over the last half decade, one aspect that stands out is, the way he could always sense and understand the unsaid in an objective and his attention to detail while planning events which is commendable. Surprises are never far when MJ is around, he is a devil’s advocate. His ways and means are myriad whether it is media advocacy, brand management or simply addressing challenging business issues. Over the years he has become a trusted business associate and a good friend.”

Capt Unni Krishnan,

Director, Primus Public School
In Press Relations, It is not ‘what you do’ that matters but ‘How you do’ that is important. Also when you choose a PR Agency you do not choose them for ‘What they do’ but for ‘What they know’. Based on these 2 ground rules, whenever there has been a requirement of handling any PR Activity, my choice has been MJSPR.

Dr. Shamasundar,

Managing Director, ProSIM R&D Pvt. Ltd.
MJSPR have a dedicated professional team. Their readiness to respond to our rush requests is remarkable. I am very glad about the services they have provided to Pro-SIM. The campaigns they have done for Pro-SIM have been very fruitful and successful.

G. Yoganand,

Chairman & Managing Director, Manjeera Group
When we signed on MJSPR, we were sure of what we expected, based on our previous experiences with similar organizations. But we were pleasantly surprised. Because not only did MJSPR turn out to be a hands-on agency, but delivered on every count and more. I have to say that I am glad with our association

Tiger Ramesh,

CEO, Wilderness resorts Pvt. Ltd.
We were looking for an agency that was familiar with the requirements of not only the hospitality segment but eco and responsible tourism. I must say that our association with MJSPR has been very fruitful, in that the agency understood and responded to our requirements. They were also strong with PR in rural Karnataka.

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