Before acquiring power, every political party makes a lot of noise and instils optimism in the people. The formation of a government hit the headlines in the media for days. We saw an endless debate over the permutations and combinations to be made while assembling a state cabinet. Remember that the citizens are not the focal point. This has been the case in Karnataka for the past month.

However, the question of what a party/government does or contributes to society after gaining power is moot. Do we get to observe how it contributes to the well-being of the economically disadvantaged, women, youths, and unemployed? Are we witnessing a government that encourages people to excel in their chosen field? Is there a government-created happiness index? Unfortunately, there are no such things.

A political party makes a lot of noise in order to gain power. Shouldn’t it call attention to its efforts later? Isn’t it possible to accomplish something beneficial that will always attract attention? They are, no doubt, dissatisfied and impatient. The pandemic has added immeasurable agony to the mix. It is a hopeless situation. People, on the other hand, are resilient. All they want is the government to function effectively. The citizens of Karnataka have waited many years and continue to do so for such a positive atmosphere.

Now, what can we anticipate from Team Basavaraj Bommai at this vital juncture? There are a lot of expectations. We have a lot of patience too. We have faith in the chief minister. However, the team must keep in mind that it does not have time to waste on planning. Hardly 20 months left for people to exercise their choice for a fresh franchise. If it can win a majority in the next elections, let it return to power. However, in order to acquire that position, the present dispensation must work hard and accomplish something noteworthy. It should win people’s hearts by helpful and well-intentioned actions. It has the responsibility to be responsive to the aspirations of the people.

It is a participatory democracy in which we live. The excitement of a government spreads to its citizens as well. Discontent and disillusionment with democracy, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly frequent. Let us work together to conquer it. When men in authority and men on the street work together for a better future, democracy gets reinvigorated. Basavaraj Bommai has quietly bided time to occupy the prime seat. But he can’t bide time to create a positive environment for people to feel the worth of his government.

We want a government that motivates its citizens. Allow that to be heard the next time people enter polling booths.