As populations grow, medical institutions must innovate to find ways to address every patient. Startup innovations and technologies can potentially reduce the burden of medical institutions. There are a number  of exciting startups in the Ginserv programme that are addressing the long-term problems faced by the Indian healthcare system. –

eSkindoctor detects around 200+  skin diseases accurately. With carefully curated case summaries, a doctor can prescribe treatment in 5 minutes. The AI diagnoses the skin condition and provides information of probable skin diseases.

Velectron labs is a social tool. It focuses on anti-addiction and mental health; helps socioeconomically vulnerable groups. It is the first platform that connects patient, doctor and med tech startups in a single thread.

vCura Wellness Solutions is another social startup and it is into holistic child well-being enabling parents to understand their child better by focusing on emotional, social and physical health aspects.

Women’s health is well funded and focused campaigns are running on awareness factors. In this backdrop, Nesa Medtech’s medical device facilitates minimally invasive diagnostic solutions by leveraging deep tech  such as computer vision & Precision Engineering. It is affordable for low resource settings, and is a safe & effective alternative to surgical procedure with uterus preserving procedure. Above all Nesa makes potable solutions, which results in faster recovery time.

Essen Shimmer Medical Technologies’ is developing advanced technology diagnostic devices for the healthcare industry. It has come out with Heartwear – (a Wearable Real Time Remote Monitoring ECG device). Heartwear is for remote diagnosis of cardiac ailments. Its ECG quality is as good as conventional ICCU level ECG machines. It is user-friendly and even semi-literate persons can use it comfortably with just four touches on the App to get an ECG. Portability is another factor as it is very small and can be carried in a shirt or trouser pocket. 

Nautilus Hearing Solutions Pvt. Ltd has solutions that are easy to use with tele health ready status and portable & POC diagnostic devices.

SIAMAF Healthcare is developing magnetic nanotechnology for radiation free and affordable cancer diagnosis and therapy. The idea is to use magnetic nanotechnology to remove the need for radioactivity and strong chemicals for cancer treatment. The company’s first product MafPro is an ultrasensitive hand-held magnetic probe system for staging and localization of breast, head & neck, and colorectal cancer. The device can tell the exact location of the tumor and how far cancer has spread by using magnetic nanotechnology. Orca Med has developed a handheld oral cancer screening system that combines the current state of the art with cutting-edge space tech imaging sensors and AI/ML to automatically identify suspicious lesions that need testing. This diagnosis is in real-time with the deployment of edge computing. These kinds of tests are useful in remote locations. The device helps oncologists and dentists noninvasively screen for oral cancer at the point of care and more accurately. Oral cancer is the sixth most common malignant tumor globally. The Orca device is affordable, easy to use and has higher sensitivity and specificity than any of the existing oral cancer screening tools.