With the advancement in technology, society has developed to a remarkable extent. Technology has now become an integral part of today’s world. It has made our lives less complicated and advanced. In each and every field, technological know-how is required.

Why technology is a necessity

Technology is not just about computers, programming and start-ups anymore. It is about everything that people use in their lives, from basics to cutting edge surgical equipment.
Technology has now become a necessity. There are also negative impacts on society and problems coming from the use of technology.

Positive impacts of Technology

Technology will bring a new era of prosperity and life quality for more people than ever before. It impacts our daily lives in many ways, such as the clothes we wear, food we eat and the way we interact with one another.
We have been able to reach new levels of success because of technology and we can explore places that were never possible with any other type of invention.
One example of technological advancement is globalization. As a result, countries are connected to one another making communication between nations unchallenging. It resulted in the interconnectedness among different locations. Anyone can consult a doctor who is located abroad just sitting in their homes. There isn’t a tangible link. They are related, though, mentally.

Changes due to technological advancement

The traditional model of education is evolving as new technologies are introduced in the classroom. New media like the Internet, computers and so on facilitates the interconnection of networks which makes communication much easier. The outcome was a convergence in technology.
The breakthrough in technology like technological convergence and the Internet of Things (IoT) aids in replacing single purpose technologies. A global village has emerged as a result of the usage of information and communication technology. Using our phones or laptops, we can communicate with those who are on the opposite side of the globe.
Technology is improving our lives. This is true because it gives us the opportunity to learn new skills, connect with old friends and stay informed about world news without having to pay for any subscriptions or watch commercials for hours on end.

Negative impacts of Technology

Technology has been good for society, as it has offered many new opportunities. However, we should also be worried about how it will impact the future of society.
It is hard to predict the future of technology but there are some possibilities like humans being replaced by robots, who will take over the jobs and make us irrelevant. Spending too much time on phone or laptop can have a negative impact on the mental health and relationships with other people in one’s life.
It makes us slothful in physical labour and reduce our quality of life when we are constantly plugged in to social media or watching television. It can also impact what we eat by availability of unhealthy foods that can be easily accessible with online ordering services or apps through mobile devices which means we no longer have to go anywhere to get them.
It affects users’ health and well-being as well as their attention span and concentration levels and also creates issues such as hacking and cyber security threats.


In today’s society anything and everything is available at one’s fingertips. Nobody can say that they are not aware of something as society has advanced technologically. Even small-scale farming can be done using technology. This will result in more productivity and better ideas.
Over usage of technology can also negatively impact an individual’s health and lifestyle. Too much dependence on technology will have its own consequences. Technology is an essential part and parcel of our day to day lives. The changes in technology are taking us on a roller coaster ride, one that never seems to end.