He did not believe in promises. His focus was achievables and their delivery. But a promising life was cut short too soon. People’s politician H N Ananthkumar’s 61st birth anniversary is today, and I humbly remember his practical wisdom and action-oriented approach in public life.

My association with him has been at different levels and at long length. However, I was professionally connected with his political career during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and my brief was to emphasize on what has been achieved or delivered to people and ongoing projects in public domain. Ananthkumar understood that what is seen and felt will touch people.

Anna (food), akshara (education) and aushadi (health) remained at the top of his priority list. Adamya Chetana, that feeds lakhs of children through mid-meals was conceived to deliver anna (food). Tejaswini Ananthkumar is the force behind Adamya Chetana. Education is part of the mid-meals programme. As minister of chemicals and fertilizers he pioneered in bringing almost every essential medicine under price control to make healthcare affordable to people of all sections of society. In the current crisis, I need not over-emphasize the crucial role of healthcare.

I pay homage to Ananthkumar, who taught me the importance of two words ‘to do’. Today, I feel satisfied when I deliver what is expected of me, professionally and personally.