Covid-19 made a huge impact on how we communicate and therefore on how we live. The pandemic had consequences on today’s work dynamics. The structure of work has considerably changed after the pandemic.
Covid-19 has created a new set of working style. The phenomenon of remote work is now more common. Work from home has become the new normal. With the pandemic, some people are more inclined to work from home and spend less time in the office.

Before and after Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed how we work. Many people have chosen new careers, and others have chosen to work remotely and stay at home instead of coming into the office every day. It has left many companies without employees to fill open positions.
The change in dynamics came out of fear during Covid-19 pandemic. This led to people not wanting to come into offices due to the fear of being infected with the virus outside their homes or through general public interactions.
Before the Covid-19 pandemic, people were not as flexible with their jobs. Employees would have to come into an office to do their job, following strict working hours. But after the pandemic, people are given more flexibility when it comes to where they can work.

How effective is work from home

Some studies show the benefits of remote work in terms of productivity and creativity. Remote workers also require a lot more discipline as they are not surrounded by co-workers which can lead to isolation.
For many people, working from home is a matter of convenience; being able to use own time and space to get things done, while still being able to do errands or run all other daily responsibilities without having to commute anywhere.
It has mainly benefitted women workers who can now look after their family as they would get more time at home. They can also share their responsibilities with their partners.

Remote working

A lot of people are now choosing the work from home option, or in general, the online option. This will continue for the upcoming years. Employers began identifying that productivity is the same for both.
When someone works in a homely environment, they may feel relaxed and free but at the same time some others like to work with their colleagues in a workplace atmosphere in order to finish their tasks on time.
Some challenges faced
The public takes a while to get used to sudden changes. Similarly, it was challenging for workers to adjust to new technologies when they began working online.
But they readily overcame the technological obstacles. Online video conferencing tools made interactions considerably simpler. Most of them have been impacted by working from home.


People can now work from everywhere and anywhere, including the comfort of their homes. They are not required to dress professionally like they would for work. The only goal is to do their assignment within the allotted time. As a result, there has been a drastic change in how we work and where we work from.


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