Healthcare sector is constantly evolving, and strategic communication expert MJ Srikant has been having a ringside view of the sector for over 20 years. “The way we looked at healthcare from brand perspective and patient care has changed, but not strategically competent to face the new normal,” Srikant says.

In Indian context healthcare has mostly been post diagnosis of disease. “However, the pandemic put focus on preventive health and healthcare costs,” feels Srikant. Strategic communication transforms healthcare from the image of a necessary evil to a caring angle.

MJSPR’s communication and branding will take the healthcare sector to the consumer, guide the sector in highlighting brand uniqueness and keeping consumers engaged with the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare communication has to be different and should not borrow from other sectors. The approach takes into consideration changing service protocols of healthcare providers and changes in people’s lifestyle,” Srikant pointed out.

The need for good health imposes the need for structural changes in healthcare. Srikant feels that “the health systems correct communication involves management recalibration and marketing plan.”

MJSPR brings to the table healthcare communication that calls for an interdisciplinary outlook with crucial concepts getting better support, methods, and techniques specific to new normal, classical and social media.

“Acceleration towards the future requires boldly identifying & branding latent needs or services and offering new health services that patients have not yet sought,” predicts Srikant with his experience of 2 decades of healthcare communications handling from MJSPR platform.