My clients have become friends, and I have befriended innovative communication, networking skills, value addition beyond the brief, and proud resilience. This is a summary of my 20 years as a communication professional.

Along this journey, I have acquired skills to be a leader in political strategy, startups mentorship, brand building of both corporate entities as well as individuals, large-scale event management, and long-term social media campaigns.

Nearly 350 clients or should I say friends, whom I have serviced in various capacities, have helped me to understand my strength and believe in my innovative deliverables. I have traversed across over a dozen sectors – health, education, technology hospitality, real estate, and politics.

To begin with, I did traditional public relations and communication management with traditional media. As the world changed, I kept pace with it and now I stay ahead.

Despite all gloom around due to pandemics, I elevated my agency into a private limited company, appreciated and adapted new techniques of communication, got onboard consultants, and did business of a decent amount.

I can proudly say on the day I complete 20 years as head of MJSPR that I believe in my ability to understand a client, their needs for today as well as tomorrow and give them tremendous value.

I look forward to being agile, sensitive, and staying ahead.