Let us not hesitate to accept the pandemic in it’s real form. Claims and patting of shoulders both by the government as well as the health care fraternity that we are doing a lot and also that we are in the right direction is good as we derive self motivation from that.

But let us now conduct a tour of the facility on this pandemic in India. I would like to take Bangalore’s example to drive a message and draw the attention on the reality of this pandemic. The city authorities initially and constantly boasted that we are the best model in the country in containing the pandemic; look around now, both in mortality and spread including the rate of spreading, we are in the red zone.

And why did this happen? Clearly due to the lack of an integrated approach to tackle the pandemic with a responsible concern and consent between the government and private healthcare providers.

Drawing board analysis and complacency led to the alarming rise of numbers in the city of Bangalore that the whole country is witnessing now.

The calamity is random, but the approach to handling the pandemic cannot be random.
It is time that India doesn’t shy away from conducting tests just like a polio vaccine drive without fearing the factor of the scarcity in healthcare infrastructure in the country if in case the numbers rise exponentially.

It is time we shift our focus towards the bigger picture and not remain hovering around lockdown and unlocking measures alone.