Startups have unique ideas but few know that unique offer unless the world is told. But the world cannot be informed by shouting. There is a method and there is timing of messages.

At MJSPR, with over two decades of experience, we have perfect method and timing to build on the unique character of the Startups. They require niche and strategic PR paths to develop their brand recognition and awareness. We at MJSPR leverage their uniqueness in creating the right messaging and positioning. We will be all the more glad to share with you the Startups we have worked with, and which are today the established businesses and corporates. (Goliaths)

The Startups need crafted attention in order to enhance brand awareness, establish thought leadership and grow their audience as their competition is against large businesses that are better established and have surplus financial resources.

This is a typical David and Goliath story. Wherein the Goliath – established business corporations and brands effortlessly receive a respectable media mind-share and on the other side Davids – Startups and self funded entrepreneurial ventures with constrained budgets and minimal or no name recognition/positioning struggle to compete for their pie of media mind-share and attention. They miss the trick and often stumble, till they give up.

It is time to stand-up, shout and get noticed.
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