As our world progresses, the need for education becomes more and more apparent. In the past, only those who could afford to pay for schooling were able to get an education. However, as times have
changed so has the importance of education. Nowadays, getting an education is seen as a basic
human right. Did you know education is not about learning facts its about training your mind to think. We hear a Lot how education should be free. Don’t you think its right? Education is an integral need of a
human being. Each one of us requires it to survive in this fast-running world. One needs to get the
Education to develop social awareness, better decision-making skills and become a better citizen. A
survey done recently said the country with the greatest prosperity will be those which makes certain
laws for providing free education.
Education aids people become independent. An educated citizen will be a productive asset. Every kid
should get a chance, because some kids have this talent but their parents don’t have the funds. To
ameliorate a country, all its people must be educated. Studies show that the countries that support
the education of their citizens are the ones with the most avant-garde inventions and innovations.

Why we need free education?

There are many reasons why education should be free for all. Firstly, it would promote equality.
Everyone would have equal access to opportunities, regardless of their background or financial
situation. Secondly, it would lead to a more educated and informed society. Finally, free education
would have a positive effect on the economy. More educated workers would lead to higher
productivity and economic growth. Schools should stop doing PR works.

Negative effects of free education

However, there are also some negative effects of free education. These include overcrowding in
schools, under-qualified teachers, and a lack of resources. And if everything was simple, students to
drop out of school and studies would be more. Students often value things because of their
difficulties. Free education can also impact the standard of education. Nevertheless, these problems
can be overcome if there is sufficient political will to do so. However schools can consult different PR
agency to get students and funding through various events.

Free education for the right person

Today, most schools count on student funding to improve school assets. Schools cant move forward
without funding and it will stop functioning because it depends on how much money the
government for the institutions. To sort these concerns out government should provide free
education to the students who are in the marginalized line and make it mandatory for private
schools to follow the same.
To conclude, I would recommend that all students should have a balanced and equal opportunity for
Education irrespective of their living status and income. This would ensure the successful future and
Development of the Country.