An effective brand communication strategy, bolstered with strong PR tactics, plays a key role in promoting a positive brand image. So far, this has often been done through media coverage on radio and television, print media such as newspapers and magazines, and online news platforms.

Customers research brands and companies online, including news portals, social media, and discussion forums. According to Global Media Insight, 99% of the UAE population is online. Of these, 65.3% are searching for information, 55% are following news and current events, and 45.9% are researching brands and products. The rest can be assumed to be influenced in some way by the people who have experienced your brand online. A strong digital and online PR strategy is the foundation of the survival of any business today. This article deals with one of his most important public relations tools: the press release. Specifically, the online press release. Press releases help companies tell their stories in their own words. It helps announce successes, acquisitions, awards, or new launches. Appearing in top news outlets ensures maximum reach

Communication in the Age of Digital Transformation

With the advent of the Internet, mainstream media and the fundamentals of communication have changed rapidly. Newspapers and magazines soon launched online editions. Television broadcasters faced significant challenges in shaping their new social platform. All these new developments ushered in a new era of audience interaction. Once passive audiences are now active and influencing media. In such a short time, traditional media his platform has lost popularity, especially among the younger generation. 

Online platforms are rapidly replacing traditional media channels, offering many advantages, especially in terms of cost and speed. All major networks now have their own websites and numerous social media accounts. Blogger, social media influencer, YouTuber is his creator of new content in the digital world. Consumers follow their accounts to stay up to date, get inspired and decide what to buy. People are constantly sharing their comments, opinions, and experiences through chat rooms and forums. There are several digital tribes who have always closely shared their experiences with each other.  

Against bad news

The Internet has a long life. Therefore, positive and negative information about your company is always available online. A press release is to communicate your position. It’s also a great way to make sure you have enough positive stories. When faced with negative news, assess what went wrong, be honest, and tell them how you can improve the situation. When dealing with rumors or misinformation, corroborate the truth with research, reviews, or credible testimony.

Paid, Earned and Owned Media

These are the three main media types you can use to build credibility, and press releases help maintain media consistency. Paid Media is Advertorial and Paid Influencer. Earned media are news agencies and reviewers. Owned media are your own social media channels and websites. Maximize positive news about your business and brand using all media channels.

Listen, understand and respond

Customers are also influencers. Few companies will survive if they don’t listen to their customers. In the digital age, every customer has a mouthpiece and the opportunities for influence are numerous. So, before you write your press release, understand what your customers want from your company and tailor your message to address their concerns or solve their problems. Press release reach increases when customers keep sharing news. So instead of sticking to what you want to say, think about what your customers want to hear.