A targeted social media strategy is central to effective public relations and marketing. With most people efficiently and actively online since the pandemic, it has never been truer that all eyes are online. It is high time to bid farewell to likes and comments. It has became all about engagement.

Brand building (or restructuring the brand)

Screen time and social media usage have skyrocketed over the past few months. Consumers are spending more time on their mobile phones, but they are being served more content. The best way to stand out is to have your own brand identity on Instagram. 

If your brand happened to shutdown Instagram PR will let your audience know your brand still exists. It’s a convenient way of letting you know. And be certain to post contents encouraging users to write reviews to help your business bounce back if it goes down.

For example, TripAdvisor publishes content for users while supporting the hospitality community.

The Study says: Do research and make strategy

If you’re not sure what your audience wants from your brand on Instagram ask them. It not only does have a big impact on your strategy, but it also engages your audience. An intuitive way to do this is by using polls and questions feature, Instagram Stories, or by encouraging people to participate in the comments section of your post. Be safe with your brand by being aware of what is going on and what is about to happen. You don’t have to post everything you enjoy, but if you want to post a summary you can mix and match your fun time and work but make sure your message takes people’s feelings, emotions and point of views into consideration.

Algorithm is the alarm and heart

With so many brands releasing content knowing how algorithms work can help your brand stand out. The Instagram algorithm always appreciates engagement. Instantly reply to comments and create conversations. The more interaction a post gets, the more new people it reaches.

This is important for two reasons.

With so many people spending more time on their phones these days, you are likely to get more comments and questions. Keep your answers up to date!  with their customers. 

Here are 2 tips for leveraging and growing your brand.

  • With so many people spending more time on their phones these days, you are likely to get more comments and questions. Keep your answers up to date.
  • People are need in help and if your account is able give responds quickly to audience they will feel like your brand is there to support the community.
Content issues

Zoom Call is now considered as the new meeting room.

When rethinking and updating your current content strategy, think about how it can help audience, study how the priorities of audience have changed, and how that might affect what you offer. With these in mind create a helpful Instagram content and always consider what the community is going through. 

Even if all your days blur one another, you can’t forget your content calendar. Instead of discarding all the old content, just filter it and represent the new trends. Your travel tips can be public, but your Wi-Fi hack is public. So curate your contents with this in mind. 

Your content should be empathetic. Combining regular content with your content it should shows that you want to help and care about your customers is an ideal strategy. Pay attention to what’s going on there and make sure your content takes people’s feelings into account. Curating more creative content can help in increasing your audience. Because people have time because of things being available in finger tips.

Community hugs are special

In today’s dynamic world, people always want to be part of a community and want to be supported. By showing customers what your brand is for them, you can make them feel better and get more exposure! Overall, you should try and make your brand to be associated with good things. And it starts with supporting and helping the community. You can also use your brand and it’s presence to support causes and organizations that matter. A creative way to build community in the current scenario is to organize activities that your followers can actively take part in.

For example, recently some  fitness brands had come up with ideas of at-home workout videos that are available on Instagram, live workout classes, and influencer partnerships.

Frequency current

Think you post a lot? How much is posting a lot? Post at least once a day. And the more followers you have, the more you should post. But don’t post content just for the sake of posting it. Also, please do not post worthless content.

People always find or have the time to scroll through Instagram because they’re turning to their devices every second more than any time since the pandemic. And should note that the content is always different types in and forms. Make a good use of the story and live feature. Instagram’s live feature has seen a 70% increase in usage compared to the pre-coronavirus analysis.

Hashtag discussion: Where in Caption or comment?

With so much content being released using hashtags will definitely help in increasing your reach and connect to new users. 30 hashtags is the maximum, but you don’t have to use the space of all 30 hashtags. Make sure to use only 3 to 4  relevant hashtags and never copy paste the hashtags. The inefficient use of hashtags can lead to confusion and missed opportunities for significant exposure. 

When it comes to endless debates about where to put hashtags?

Initially, It was considered okay to include hashtags in captions and comments. People used both and could barely tell the difference. But recently it was noticed that the reach isn’t as good when the hashtag is inserted into the first comment. It was later found that including the hashtag in the actual caption gave more reach.  

Even if you happen to be a local business owner that had to close and is considering to reopen business, you can connect with your community by using local hashtags to support your community and brand. Shout out for other companies that are struggling or looking to create a base and start building that community. This is certainly a great way to do good to your community and build your following simultaneously.

Essential shopping

For those who prefer to be at home rather than going out, all inline sights are in the palm of peoples hand and it can be taken advantage with Instagram’s shopping tools, it has become an effective way to increase your online sales. Customers can shop directly from your Instagram feed in minutes.

70% of shopping enthusiasts and addicts use Instagram to find and review products, it is acting as a built-in search engine. Simply add the product catalog, link it to the account, and tag products in the feed photos.

If the company strategy and content are in sync with your PR strategy will not only lead to brand awareness and media attention, but it will also lead to increased direct sales via the Instagram platform.

Raw content or produced content?

You should find more time for the company and start creating content. With specially a crafted content, brands will be drawn to highly produced and great photo shoots.

Experts warned the brand owners and creators that raw content is always the best variant of content, regardless of the circumstances. They may not believe the content, or even deny to trust and never really get involved with it. For this reason, the content should be more realistic. You can talk about the struggles in your or tell what’s going on in your business and how it impacts you and the growth of the business. People will relate to this type of content more than fake or a loud content. 

Instagram Content Dos & Don’ts

  • Make sure to put out reassuring and helpful content.
  • Wheedle with contents and activities that support and engage with the community.
  • Prohibit yourself from appearing in Instagram as  a brand that has intention only to sell. 
  • Utilize Instagram’s most engaging tools such as stories, lives, polls, Q&As efficiently. 
  • Not ever scrap any previously-scheduled strategy.
  • Ensure to adapt Instagram strategy to the current situation.

Instagram officially stated that 

Instagram is a platform dedicated and concerned with helping brands spread the word and communicate with their audiences responsibly and accurately without being opportunistic. A recent blog post wrote how Instagram keep the community informed, safe, and supported.

These are some reasons why Instagram is considered as the best friend of a business man

  • Instagram provides a good amount of educational and research resources (for brand development).
  • Stickers are used to spread and promote accurate information.
  • To avoid misunderstanding Instagram removes unnecessary accounts from recommendations unless it was  were posted by any form trusted organization.
  • Creates and provides verified donation stickers in many countries, connecting people to relevant non-profits for their support. 
  • With the sheer number of users on Instagram today, gaining a meaningful presence while supporting your brand’s community is critical and has became important.
  • Instagram is a platform that is constantly evolving and reinventing.

Adapting and understanding the platform is the first step to a successful social PR strategy. Especially in the current situation where everyone can be reached online and all doers with creative ideas and strategies.